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General Election 2024

An invite to the hustings on 22nd June

Information about our candidates & their parties

& Independent reports and NGO recommendations for a better Britain


This page contains the party manifestos of the candidates standing within our new constituency of Tiverton & Minehead, information on the candidates themselves, and non-partisan information from government committees and NGOs regarding policy advice for the future.

The "Question Time" Hustings

We each have our opinions on what we think would be best for the country and as a parish council we believe that the best results will come through communication and collaboration. We have invited our five candidates to a hustings on Saturday, the 22nd of June, where they can explain their policies and their views, whilst listening to ours. Tickets are free to constituents and can be requested by phoning 07960 373535 or 07971 193523, or by emailing Do share your priorities and questions using the button below. 

Our Candidates for Tiverton & Minehead

Iain Liddell-Grainger has represented the Bridgwater & West Somerset constituency since 2010, and prior to that Bridgwater from 2001, in both cases as a member of the Conservative Party. You can see his voting record on topics as varied as Taxation, the Environment and Social Issues here.


You can find further information on all of the candidates by clicking on their image.

Further Reading

The South West of the UK has opportunities and challenges that it shares with the nation, as well as some particular to itself. Attached below are a range of reports and documents that our constituents and candidates might bear in mind. If you have a resource that you believe would be of value here, do please contact us.

The National Food Strategy

This independent report on the future of Britain's food, from farm payments and land use to education and the regulation of food marketing, was written by Henry Dimbleby under commission from the Government.

Key recommendations are here

Analysis here

Full report here

The Independent Review Of Net Zero

This independent report on the future of Britain's energy and the path to net zero, by Chris Skidmore (at the time Conservative MP for Bristol), was published in early 2023 under commission from the Government.

Key recommendations are here

Overview & links here

Full report here

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