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Looking for an interesting new walk around the parish? Why not try one of these. If you have a favourite walk of your own, please let us know. Email to share ideas, report issues & find other local secrets.


A lovely walk on the common provided by Ian Loudon, volunteer warden, that takes around one and a half hours. However there is a shorter version shown in blue text. The particular joy of this walk is that it also includes information on what to look out for at each stage of the walk.


This is an interesting walk that Saranne Cessford takes regularly with her four-footed friend, Lottie. The shorter version takes around 45 minutes, the longer one 90 minutes.

Public Rights Of Way - Langford Budville.webp

Click on the map to see our local public rights of way.

Parish Footpaths V10 Screenshot.webp

This map shows our local footpaths and landmarks.

ALICEjubileemap-web copy.jpg

In 2022, locals came up with this 12-mile walk around the parish in order to celebrate HM The Late Queen's platinum jubilee. Download here. Thanks to Alice Jacoby for the map.

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