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The Parish Council usually meets on the second Monday of each month at the Jubilee Hall 6.30-8pm. All parishioners are welcome to attend, contribute and listen in to the meetings, so do please pop along.


There are always a few tasks in-hand around the parish, from clearing vegetation, sanding down benches, litter picking or repainting fingerposts, to helping out with community events. Every offer of help is appreciated and warmly welcomed. Please drop us a line, or come and say hello if you have a spare hour or two and are keen to support the parish.

If you see a pothole, the link to report is here:

If you notice a footpath issue, the link to report is here:


As you will see from the Greener LB page, the PC is keen to support the community in moving towards becoming a more sustainable parish. 

  • Wherever possible the PC is keen to support activities that contribute to becoming a more sustainable parish.

  • We are piloting a change in the maintenance of the Triangle to reduce carbon and cost promote biodiversity.

  • With funding from the Woodland Trust, we are supporting the development of a new Jubilee Wood.

You can download our sustainability commitment here - we welcome your thoughts.

Community Fund:

  • In 2022 the PC and the Village Hall Committee set up the Langford Budville Community Fund. This is open to any parishioner to support small local community projects and events up to £100 in value. If you’d like to do something for the benefit of the parish and its people, from easter eggs hunts to picnics, from flower beds to new clubs, please ask the community fund for support. Fundraising and donations have been pooled in this community fund designed to help new ideas get off the ground. For more information, you can email, to apply please download this form or contact the PC Clerk for more details.

The members of the Parish Council are:


Register of interests can be found here

There is presently one vacancy, please contact the clerk above if you are interested in joining us

Vacancy notice 16 November

Other local representatives and officers:

Clerk to the Council: Helen Chadwick, Hatch Green Farm, Hatch Beauchamp TA3 6TL. Tel: 07879 695904. Email:




Below are links to the Langford Budville Parish Council financials and annual governance and accountability return 2022/23:

Annual governance statement 2022/23

Accounting statements 2022/23

Schedule of variances

Bank reconciliation

Certificate of exemption

Annual internal audit report

Notice of public rights 2023


Below are links to the Langford Budville Parish Council financials and annual governance and accountability return 2021/22:


An Annual Parish Meeting is held each year in May. Links to minutes are below:

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